Hot Brown

Thanksgiving traditions being what they are, the bird, the sides, and the desserts are all rather codified. Its not that the meal is stodgy, but it is necessarily familiar. Often the real creativity comes in when the leftovers need to be eaten. (Though a plate of turkey and a dollop of mayonnaise is a big favorite at our house.)

At 4th Base leftover turkey means that Hot Brown day is coming soon. This usually coincides with Bulb Day, which usually coincides with Black Friday. However this year wretched cold and very windy weather visited us from early in the morning until late and night and that guy I like had to work, so we postponed the whole thing until today. I’m still getting used to this whole blogging thing and honestly I didn’t even put on my glasses until after breakfast, so there are no pictures.

The traditional Hot Brown has fried bread (homemade in this case) which is crunchy on the outside and pillowy on the inside, thick slices of moist, tender turkey breast, just enough bacon, gooey cheesy Mornay sauce, all broiled until the sauce bubbles, then topped with a thick cold slice of tomato for the perfect amount of tanginess. SO GOOD. You may be imagining how good this tastes, let me assure you it’s better than that. My big change is to take leftover gravy and add cheddar cheese to it instead of making a traditional Mornay. Honestly, at this point, I have had this version so many times I don’t think I want the regular cheese sauce anyway. As far as once a year foods go, this one pretty much rules.

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