The Long Fret

For days you have debated, spatchcock, cut the whole bird into pieces, roast it whole?
This year he is working all day and will join you for that frantic moment when, in a whirlwind of activity, the two of you pack everything into the truck and head up the hill.
He will not be there for the fretting this time and that’s OK.
He has already baked the rolls and they sit on the counter
Shiny and perfect.
You have decided that, with no one around to drive you to the hospital, you should forgo spatchcocking the bird.
It will be a long slow cook this year.
The bird has brined for 4 days guaranteeing osmosis and moist delicious meat.
At the prescribed time you take the bird out of the brine and stuff it full of fruit and aromatics.
That didn’t take nearly long enough.
Now you must wait for the next time on your carefully calculated clock.
The time comes and you leap into action.
Into a blazing hot oven goes the bird for 15 minutes.
The timer is set.
You sit down for the first fretting session.
It was unnecessary, of course.
The skin has begun to blister and tan.
You insert the probe thermometer and drop the temperature.
Now it is time for the annual researching the temperature you are aiming for.
You will not remember it next year.
You set the temperature alarm.
Now it is time for the long fret.

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