Date Night In: Pizza Experiment!

It is super easy for me to do all the meal planning and never give that guy I like the chance to stretch his creative muscles in the kitchen. Its also true that he likes basically everything I make and generally he’s not into deciding what we’re eating. I also need time off sometimes. For all these reasons we’ve started giving him the “chef hat” once every four weeks.

If you know him or read his writing it will come as no surprise that his experiments usually involve dough. Saturday night it was pizza night. MMMMMM.

We were vaguely inspired by Claire’s fennel and sausage pizza, but in typical fashion we did not make a cast iron pizza, or even make anything resembling her pizza. It turns out we were inspired by fennel and pizza, so we made this:

We topped ours with ricotta, pear, sauteed fennel, garlic, tarragon, and blue cheese and it was so good.

A good experiment always spawns more experiments and this is no different. If we made it again we’d make it thinner. As you can see the dough started off pretty thick and so the final product ended up like a loaded focaccia.  In the future I think we’ll probably cut the amount of dough in half or make two pizzas. Also, I’m just learning to enjoy tarragon, so I think we should have added more. I really couldn’t taste it at all. Those are small changes though and really, it was a perfect meal.


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