New Year’s Eve Hot Pot

A new tradition may have been started this evening at 4th Base, NYE Hot Pot.

I frequently ask Dave what he would like me to cook for one meal or another. His answer is usually pretty pat, “I like almost everythng you make hun” is the most frequent answer. There is also the dreaded, “Please don’t make X (usually whatever I’ve been relying on for a quick meal) again.” It is a very rare occasion when he has strong opinions, so when he does I get to finding a way to feed his craving. This is how we came to be having hot pot for our NYE dinner.

The Spread

I made a basic sukiyaki broth (1 1/3 C dashi + 2/3 C each of mirin, soy sauce & sake + 1 tbsp sugar), then cut and arranged the veggies and beef. Clockwise from the top we have firm tofu, shirataki noodles, baby bok choy, bean sprouts, scallions, shiitake mushrooms, onion, beech mushrooms, and beef. Each of us also had a small bowl of rice and an egg to mix for dipping. The beef is ribeye from the cow share we are still working on and the eggs are from our chickens. (Regarding our chickens: those nerds started laying eggs again when it got cold. I will never understand their chickeny ways.)

Beef, dipped in egg, on rice.

We ate until we were full, taking care to finish all the delicious beef. It was ridiculously fun to see what combinations each of us came up with. When we were full, which honestly didn’t take long at all, we threw the rest of the veggies in to the pot and let everything simmer.

That’s a lotta veggies!

This will make amazing lunches when we go back to work on Wednesday. (I can’t believe 11 days has gone by so fast!)

The finished product before boxing for lunches.

Happy New Year everybody. I hope that you and yours are safe and warm tonight. May 2019 be full of delicious food and joyful movement!

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