3 thoughts on “4th Base Tastes Things So You Don’t Have To! Ep 2

  1. Well, then I guess I’ll have to try out the queso chips and ask my uncle in Grand Rapids, MI to send some Moscow Mule chips (or do I really?). I have to mention that you’ve got to try the MM at Longhorn Steakhouse – the best I’ve tasted – that’s not our own, we’ve been making it with muddled ginger, simple syrup, soda water and lime. That recipe, minus the soda and syrup (with the vodka) makes a fabulous marinade for chicken!

    • I can bring the rest of the chips on Saturday, I don’t think they’ll get eaten at our house. If I should find myself at Longhorn Steakhouse I will definitely give the Moscow Mule there a try. 😀

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