Couching My Weird Frugal Ways

My jerkface of a cat likes to claw up my furniture. Before we realized that she will sit quietly and let us trim her claws we tried the spray bottle, redirection, and spraying clove oil on the furniture every day. This was all for naught. As you can see she clawed up the cover on the arm of the couch pretty good.

Detail of the damage.

There’s couch stuffing coming out of that damage. 🙁

In the past we had purchased a new cover from Ikea. At $200 a pop that’s a super expensive solution and I REALLY like the color of this current cover. Recently some pictures have been circulating the Pinterest world where someone has repaired similar damage with the application of several doilies, but no instructions on how to do it. With no time to sew things on to my couch before my dad and Rita came to town, no doilies on hand, and no upholstery needles I decided I would just do it my own way.

After choosing some ribbon from my massive stash I visited my favorite website about glue, this to that, and found that the best way to attach fabric to fabric is hot glue. DUH! Haven’t I watched enough Project runways to know that?! Ah well no time to beat myself up I measured my ribbons and I was off to the races.

Eyeballing the ribbon lengths.

I figure that they only had to be long enough to cover the major damage and distract they eye.

I liberally applied the hot glue and gently pressed the ribbons into place, burning myself several times as foreseen in prophecy.

There were only a few glue spots out of place. So far they haven’t bothered me, but I’ll probably fuss with it more.

I added another pretty ribbon to make the whole thing more interesting.

All in all I’m pretty happy with the outcome. Rita, my stepmom, walked in and said, “Oh you have a special thing on your couch! Wait, what is that?” I think that is the perfect reaction. I also think she loved it. It is pretty enough to be special and weird enough to suit me.

And now to go about making the rest of my house just a bit more weird.

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