Wedding Anniversary #3!

October 19 was our third wedding anniversary. Yay us! Due to a lot of circumstances we could not both have the day off and we ended up having separate plans in the evening, so we celebrated Saturday with an epic road trip.


I’m a fan of road trips with an arbitrary destination and plenty of adventure, so I chose our destination based on the fact that we had never been there and that there is a restaurant that gets good reviews in the town. (More on the dining in another post.) The winner was Peñasco, NM! And us for that matter. It was a stunningly beautiful road trip. If I had taken pictures of every gorgeous sight I beheld Saturday I would have been stopping us for photos every five minutes or so.

One thing that did take both of our breath away was this beautiful and functional piece of acequia engineering:

20161022_114217 20161022_114336 20161022_114449

The wooden viaduct carries the water over the ravine and into underground passages in the hillside. I’d love to find out how long this system has been in place.

After lunch we went looking for the Harding Mine and we were unsuccessful, but we did spend a lot of time traipsing around in the piñon forest between Peñasco and Dixon. The air was crisp and clear and the piñon were all over the ground. We collected enough for a snack and some pretty rocks as consolation for not finding the mine, then went on our way back to Santa Fé.

We had reservations later in the day, but found ourselves with some time to wander around. Lately, I find myself so tired of the Plaza, which basically means that I will need to have a plan when visiting the City Different in the future. With plenty of museums, galleries, and restaurants I think it won’t be an issue, but it will take a bit more planning. This also may encourage Dave and I to do more exploring in other towns, which is in no way a problem for us. We did wander around the area just outside the Plaza though and I found this fun art installation that I just had to get in on.


We went and got a drink and a snack in an unremarkable, but quiet, hotel bar in the area before proceeding to our next destination.


At Meow Wolf we had a whole new sensory experience which wove performances and interactions into the already astoundingly amazing space. I still find myself a bit at a loss for words to describe what happens at Meow Wolf, but I’ll attempt a few based on my own experiences. I have sat in Baba Yaga’s hut, painted part of a painting that I never saw the end of, received information from a giant raven, learned things about a family that has been transported to another dimension, played a harp with no strings that still makes sound, and spent hours grinning from ear to ear as I discover the layers and layers of art and magic that have been created in this place. I still cannot describe it in a way that I feel preserves the beautiful mystery of the place and entices people who want to know why they should be interested. I’m not sure that will ever change, but I’m going to keep telling people to go and exp


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  1. What a beautiful way to honor your union. Meow Wolf!!! The one place I couldn’t get to this past summer; alas, next time maybe with you two!

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