Gatos y Galletas: Review

This weekend Dave and I were out and about running errands and such when we found ourselves sweltering and thirsty downtown. Seriously the temperature was up around 90. UGH! After cooling off and using the facilities in the lobby of the Hyatt we began to make our way home to do some chores and take some naps. As we were driving up Central Dave suddenly pulled over and parked. “Uh, what’s up?” I asked. “We’re gonna check out the cat cafe,” he replied. And so we went to Gatos y Galletas.

The set up is a bit confusing the first time you go there. It is required by health regulations that all food prep be kept seperate from animals, so you have to enter through the door on the left first. In the cafe you can order from a menu of food and drinks. Its all pretty standard cafe fare. I had an iced chai and Dave had an iced cappuccino. We also opted to pay the additional $3 to go hang out with the cats because isn’t that the point? The $3 goes to the care and feeding of the cats who are all very cute. My chai was from a pre-sweetened concentrate and tasted as one would expect. Dave reports that his cappuccino was good.

But enough about the cafe, let’s talk about the CATS! Rather, let’s talk about Murphy. Of course I fell for the grey cat. And he is a handsome little bugger. See?


No, we are not in the market for a third cat right now. Two is just fine thank you. Also Soos and Azrael are still working things out. It was fun playing with him though. Dave is a semi-pro riler of domestic animals and he got all the cats very wound up. Apparently they are usually asleep midday, but they were running all over. It was fun to play with them.


I’m hesitant to say this next bit, but this wouldn’t be an honest review without it. I’m not sure this model of cat adoption works for me. The area was too big and, while Murphy was really cute and sweet, I didn’t want to take him out of the environment. He seemed to be having so much fun. The other thing I wasn’t fond of was interacting with the staff person on the cat side. Unlike the normal coffee house experience where you get your coffee and sit quietly and chat with your companion this person was very chatty and not just about the cats. If you go I recommend doing what the other patrons did and taking a seat in one of the outlying areas until you suss out whether the employee is bored and chatty or not.

All in all I say go to Gatos y Galletas. It is a unique experience and playing with the cats is seriously fun. If you fall in love with one or more of the gatos they are all up for adoption and, of course, I encourage you to take one home with you.

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