All is Not Lost!

Anyone who has been following along with the 4th Base 2016 garden struggles knows that I have all but given up on making things work. Last week I even turned off the watering to most of the rows. The things that are thriving, grapes, mint, gojiberry, tarragon, and chard interspersed with volunteer cilantro, are all still getting water. Because the row of chard is double sided and the second side was empty I decided to try an experiment, I did a fall planting of peas back in early August.



All is not lost! I mean, I knew that already of course, there have been perennial successes, but this is the first thing I’ve planted in 2016 that wasn’t an utter fail. Now that things are cooling I predict about a month, maybe longer, of growth and production. I will be planting fall peas again next year.

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