Abundance: Use It or Lose It

Usually at this time of year life is filled with a feeling of needing to save the garden’s abundance for later. Endless hours of canning, steam juicing, filling the freezer, grabbing a snack, and doing it again fill my time when I’m not sitting at my desk feeling behind. This year though, I find myself in a different situation. Mostly, my larders are full and the garden just didn’t happen. This poses a different “problem.” I’m feeling like there is too much food in my house. Just like eating too much, I’m feeling slowed down by what is there. It is good food though and I don’t want to just throw it away. Clearly it is time for a pantry challenge.

This time instead of setting a time limit on how long the challenge lasts I’ve set the challenge to not buy foods of Type X until all existing instances of that food are used. For instance, no buying grains or grain products until all the whole grains, pasta, and flour we’ve got around are used up. The exceptions I’m making are: onions, garlic, milk for yogurt making, and we can still eat out on our weekly date night, or if there is an occasion that calls for it involving people who do not live at 4th Base. For the record, That Guy I Like is completely on board and even sat down to help me lay out the rules.

We started on Saturday and here are some of the meals what we’ve had so far:
20160916_220237Cheese toast topped with tomatoes.

20160917_080933Beet hash topped with an egg (not photogenic, but delicious).

20160918_083906Country ham, scrambled eggs with cheese, and homemade English muffins with butter.

Not pictured: Bean Burgers, which were so good we gobbled them up before pictures could be captured. Several ready made snack foods pulled from the pantry, and rice.

I’ll keep posting roundups of what we’re eating. I’m sure things will get weirder as this self-imposed challenge goes on.

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