A Burgundy Sort of Day

Today apparently had a color theme for me. I made braised red cabbage and sported my beautiful new oxblood moto jacket, then ended the day by drinking a glass of red wine.

I’m seriously so excited about this jacket. I’ve been wanting one for no less than 6 years and stalking them on eBay for just as long. Wardrobe staples like this piece are something worth waiting for the exact right one at the exact right price and it finally came together for me. Wanna see?


Well, the jacket is a little hard to see in this bus selfie, but trust me, I will be wearing this often.

And then there was the braised cabbage. Dave’s got his Pilates class on Monday and Wednesday, so we get home at different times and both with a voracious hunger. I’ve been working on the habit of prepping something in the crockpot the evening before, then putting the crockpot liner into the heating element in the morning. I thought this cabbage was strikingly beautiful.


And the finished product wasn’t too shabby looking either.


The recipe is from OhMyDish, but instead of doing a two step process I simply added everything to the crock all at once. I’m excited that I get to eat it again tomorrow, and that’s always a good sign.

2 thoughts on “A Burgundy Sort of Day

  1. Hi Hannah,

    so great to hear you’ve enjoyed the braised red cabbage. Smart move on the crockpot, by the way. We recently bought one too (they are not much used in the NL) and we’re putting up more slowcooker recipes in the future. Check it out at: http://ohmydish.com/?s=slowcooker

    Friendly greetings,

    Veronique from Ohmydish.com

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