Collage of a Dream

I have not yet figured out the magic of taking pictures of my collages and this one has not even been laminated yet, so I guess sharing this poor quality photo will have to do.

Hey! I dreamed about this amazing place last night, so I made a collage that kinda comes close. Here’s a picture of the collage. I’m curious what you think and I can take the feedback. If you’ve got something to contribute then definitely comment. Also, I’m looking for ideas on how to best photograph collages.


7 thoughts on “Collage of a Dream

  1. It’s pretty cool, I can see why you wanted to capture it. I don’t think you need to add anything to it unless there was more to your dream that you want to try and add, depicting an emotion or feeling. Filtered light might have helped in the photographing process, to reduce the little bit of glare that washed out the left upper corner, otherwise it’s not a bad photo at all! Much love, Deb

    • Thanks Debbie. I think I’ve captured about everything I can in a still medium. I want to use this collage to try to go back to this place.

      Do you think that filtered light will help with the glare once it is laminated as well? Its possible that I may want to photograph my work for submission or sale in the future and I’m trying to work that part out.

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