A Confession

Early in the time that I moved in to 4th Base officially (not in the time when I was maintaining an apartment and spending all my time here) Dave and I used to have people over frequently. Over time that changed a lot and I bet a lot of people thought, “What gives?” One thing is that our lives just got busier, but I can think of three things that have been happening to make us not want to invite people over. One is the establishment of our garden, which takes up a significant portion of our yard making it difficult to have an overflow into the yard. The second is the deterioration of our back porch roof, which I believe we have a plan to remedy soon. The third and largest thing is the damn carpet, which I’m pleased to say will be gone soon.

Its honestly a little embarrassing admitting that these material factors have been keeping us from having people over much. Dave and I have both let our perfectionism get in the way a bit. We’re going to try not to do that again.

All this is to say: Hey friends! We want to have you over for a low key dinner and hang outs sometime after our stupid fucking oatmeal colored shag carpet is replaced with easy to clean and durable bamboo. We’ve missed you. Let’s have a movie night. We’ll keep working on improving on our sweet little house and yard to make it more hospitable, but just because it isn’t perfect is not a reason to have you here.

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