Mistakes Were Made

You might think that with the near complete failure to thrive that my garden has exhibited this year I’d be happy to have something, anything, growing and producing, especially a tomato. However sometimes when you get excited about the seed catalogue you let your guard down and let yourself get seduced by the beautiful pictures and the promise of high yields and sweet fruit. No matter how sweet the fruit, though, if you want to eat it you have to harvest it. I ain’t harvesting anymore damn tiny cherry tomatoes! Volunteer or no, they’ve got to go. No matter how much That Guy I Like professes to love the little buggers I’m not planting them and I’m not letting them live, because when it comes down to it the 4th Base garden is mine and so is the work of harvesting.

20160808_193336Out They Come!20160808_193806Tiny Harvest

Since I like taking pictures of my harvest, here is the first harvest of this year. Its a little sad, but hey, I’m still learning about gardening in the desert and I forgive all mistakes I’ve made. I even forgive myself for allowing the seed catalogue to persuade me to act against my best interests.

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