I think peaches may be one of the the most perfect foods. That’s pretty big coming from someone who professes to not really like fruit. I can think of a hundred ways to turn other fruits savory and otherwise adulterate them, but if you ask me what I would do with peaches my answer is invariably “eat them all immediately.” If pushed I might recommend canning them in light syrup, but really why try to preserve them when you could just make yourself sick eating ten in a row bent over the sink.

OK, fine, you want to do something other than just eat them plain? You want to try to save that flavor for later? Good luck my friend. Suit yourself…
Have some links:
Pickled Ginger Peaches sound like they would be lovely with cheese in the dead of Winter.

I bet Peach Ketchup would be a tasty change from the ordinary burger topping, especially on a turkey burger, or a lamb burger.

You could try making these Ginger Peach Paletas now to savor some perfect peach flavor later, but really you’re just going to eat them tomorrow afternoon while standing on the back porch. Don’t try and fool yourself.

I’m going to level with ya. I haven’t tried a single one of these recipes. I always imagine that I’m going to do something with peaches other than gobble them all up. But really, who am I kidding, I will never succeed in trying a peach recipe.

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