Hard Root Beer Floats

Dave and I worked on a lot of projects this weekend, garden, cooking, truck repair, scooter repair, and bunches more. A cold pick me up was definitely needed in the middle of the day even though it only got up to 93 degrees outside. Enter the Hard Root Beer Float.


(Azrael is studiously ignoring it in the background, she was intensely curious though.)

I am generally suspicious of Root Beer Floats. They are frequently overly sweet and cloying and the original recipe for this would probably have run in to the same problem, since they used Mug root beer and Jack Daniels and called it a “Root Canal.” Objectively, I totally get why someone would enjoy that, but it just isn’t my jam. Instead I used Boylan’s Root Beer, Tillamook Vanilla Ice Cream, and Evan Williams Bourbon to bring down the overall sweetness. Additionally, Dave and I split one of these and I’m glad we did. A full float would have been too much.

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