Vacation Vs Routine

This post may not be interesting to anyone but me. I’m just making observations here, not judging the information.

Vacation: On vacation I do a ton of walking, some days up to 6 hours total in a day, and I hardly ever sit for more than an hour at a time.
Routine: On a regular day I have to keep on top of myself to complete 45 minutes of exercise a day and I sit for several hours at a time.

Vacation: Eating happens sporadically. Breakfasts are large. Meals often contain more meat and less vegetables. Food is frequently fried. All meals are out.
Routine: Eating is scheduled. Breakfast is fairly consistently yogurt and olive oil. Lunch and snacks at work are vegetables, no meat, no grain. Dinners are low on meat and mostly stewed, baked, grilled, or stir fried foods.

Vacation: I tend to drink a lot of water. Most days I have wine with dinner and a few more drinks after. Some days there’s more alcohol throughout the day due to tastings, or brunch or eating in a pub or bar.
Routine: I don’t drink much water. I drink a lot of coffee and soda. I generally have a drink after work. On weekends I tend to drink less coffee, more soda, and a bit more alcohol depending on what is happening socially.

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