Poki Poki Cevicheria: A Restaurant Review

I’m usually very hesitant to try new restaurants when they open. Generally, when I do I’m¬† pretty disappointed and I form lasting opinions that may not be warranted once a place gets their game together. However, with temperatures soaring above 90 already at 11:30 am and the enticement of out door seating, cold food, and the treat of getting to have lunch with that guy I like, it seemed like a fabulous time to give Poki Poki Cevicheria a try.

It was a good meal. The food was super tasty, the variety was fairly astounding, and the staff was very friendly. As we were discussing sauce options I mentioned to Dave that I wasn’t sure what a particular sauce would be like and was immediately offered a sample. It was good, but not what I was in the mood for, so I went with a different sauce. I definitely recommend this place to anyone. I’ll also note that while there isn’t obviously a vegetarian option, like grilled tofu or something, vegetarians and even vegans can find plenty to eat here.

I’m worried for their success though. The spot they’re in a super high rent district and while the line wasn’t short, it also never got out the door while we were there. The options are also confusing. I worry about “build your own” concept restaurants that have a ton of options. Even with my clear headed plan to split all of my add-ons between Asia and South America I got a little overwhelmed and that guy basically followed my lead. I think people will catch on though and hopefully visit often to try the nearly endless variety.

This is about as long as the line got:


The super friendly staff displaying a bowl in progress:


Even though I didn’t avail myself of any they have some¬†moderately hard to find candies on offer:


That guy and I were well entertained watching this guy paint an amazeballs octopus on the wall:


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