Onion Braiding: Oldways

So much of my inspiration for living my wonderful life comes from the folks at Sunflower River. As a part of their Rhizome Network, 4th Base Farm and the denizens of 4th Base benefit immensely from their wealth of knowledge and frequently excess produce, eggs, and poultry guts. In turn we give them labor (skilled and otherwise), things we make with their excess produce, and sometimes tidbits of our own knowledge. Of course there’s tons of shared laughter and experience too. I love being a part of a rhizome.

Recently Jenny and I decided to teach ourselves to braid onions together on a sweltery night in the SR barn. No cross breezes were to be had lest we unleash the peacocks on the farm at dusk and potentially leave Elliot lonely once more. Since peacock escapes were not an option we left the door closed and did a whole lot of sweating. Fortunately the work was fun, the company was fantastic, and we learned a ton very quickly.

The bundle on the left is our first one. It is a little hard to see just how sloppy it is because it is so messy. The one on the right is our second and you can tell it is much better. Like I said, we learned fast and, honestly, I remembered how braiding works.

Here’s the detail on one of our prettiest ones:

Once we had all the ones with long enough leaves braided we hung them out to dry.

Here’s Jenny carefully spacing them so that they get enough airflow:

And there they still hang today. Probably making all the dust smell like onions, but that’s a farm for ya!