Doll Head Trail

Some parts of the outskirts of Atlanta, GA are decidedly more rural that urban or suburban. The area surrounding Constitution Lakes Park is definitely what I would classify as rural. Google Maps led us astray several times on our way due to low signal and rural road oddities. Also, the parking lot for the park is not where the Googs thinks a person should go to reach the trail. Unfortunately they send you to some guy’s driveway and he is NOT happy about all the visitors. That being said if you search for Constitution Lakes Park you will get directions right to the parking lot.

On the way to the Doll Head Trail be sure to follow the boardwalk portion of the trail all the way to the end going right. There you’ll find a crystal clear pool that people have apparently been dumping their freshwater aquarium fish. It is FULL of lovely cichlids. I wish I could have gotten a picture, but without a polarized filter it wasn’t possible.

Constitution Lakes used to be a brickyard. Like many defunct industrial sites the area became an illegal garbage dump. When it became a park it seems that not a whole lot was done to clean up the area. One artist began making sculpture from the trash they found along a trail. That trail became a draw to other artists, art appreciators, and hikers. Over time new works were added and now the trail is a veritable sculpture garden of the strange and slightly disturbing. If you go and you find yourself inspired to create an addition to the trail remember this one rule: bring no new trash. Beyond that you are welcome to create to your heart’s content, or just enjoy the trail.

Here are some pictures of what I saw the day I was there. Of course it could all change and the things that caught my eye may not catch yours, so really, if you find yourself in Atlanta, then you should definitely go check this out.