The Gorey Details

I would never lay claim to some sort of genetic Goth spirit, but I will easily lay claim to genetic weirdness with a taste for the macabre. I was raised in a household where bringing home snakes, turtles, bugs, and the occasional sun bleached bone was not cause for worry, but rather a really neat addition to the household (even for just a day or two in the case of living things).

I was also raised on the works of Edward Gorey, especially The Wuggly Ump.

This well worn copy was given to me by my mom and given to her and her siblings by my Grandad, John Lohman. He bought it the year it was published, 1963, when my mom was 13. He even inscribed it at the time. (I added the bookplate later.)

This is definitely what I would call one of my prized possessions. There have been several reprints, if you find you need your own copy or want to get a copy for a kid in your life. Be warned though, it isn’t a nice story, with a happy ending for kids.

BTW, today is Edward Gorey’s Birthday. You can learn more about him here.

Comfort Food: Turkey Chile Verde

It isn’t OK and it isn’t normal. Things are pretty surreal and terrifying. I think my country jumped out of a plane with no parachute. My friends, family, and I are struggling to hold it together. I recently realized that prior to December my phone did not know the word “fascist.” That’s how things are on the macro-scale of life.

On a micro-scale, there’s comfort food, wine, laughter, cats, and garden planning. The weather is warming up and taking the bus to and from work is no longer a trial most days. Albuquerque stepped up and voted for good candidates in our local school board elections. There are a lot of phone calls to be made to political offices. In about a month I will have been at my day job for four years, which means it is time to get serious about figuring out what to do with my life when my student loans are gone (all things being equal). Somehow blogging fits in to that, so here I am again.

I’ve been cooking a whole lot. The 4th Base chest freezer is almost empty of everything other than the turkey meat we acquired in November. After this weekend we’ll have 1/2 a lamb too, but I’m holding us off on using all that until we clear out the delicious clutter. In service of this goal the crockpot is getting quite a workout.

Here she is all full of turkey chile verde.

As you can see above the chile verde didn’t turn out so verde, but it was so very yummy. Chile verde, in my experience, is not a New Mexico thing. That doesn’t stop it from being delicious though. With tomatillos, chiles, 2 giant cooked turkey drumsticks, and pinto beans in the fridge it was a perfect choice, so I used this recipe from Serious Eats.

I frequently don’t mess with garnishes, but sometimes the garnishes make the meal. In this case not only did they make the soup beautiful, but they also added extra deliciousness.

Much prettier with garnish!