Vacation Vs Routine

This post may not be interesting to anyone but me. I’m just making observations here, not judging the information.

Vacation: On vacation I do a ton of walking, some days up to 6 hours total in a day, and I hardly ever sit for more than an hour at a time.
Routine: On a regular day I have to keep on top of myself to complete 45 minutes of exercise a day and I sit for several hours at a time.

Vacation: Eating happens sporadically. Breakfasts are large. Meals often contain more meat and less vegetables. Food is frequently fried. All meals are out.
Routine: Eating is scheduled. Breakfast is fairly consistently yogurt and olive oil. Lunch and snacks at work are vegetables, no meat, no grain. Dinners are low on meat and mostly stewed, baked, grilled, or stir fried foods.

Vacation: I tend to drink a lot of water. Most days I have wine with dinner and a few more drinks after. Some days there’s more alcohol throughout the day due to tastings, or brunch or eating in a pub or bar.
Routine: I don’t drink much water. I drink a lot of coffee and soda. I generally have a drink after work. On weekends I tend to drink less coffee, more soda, and a bit more alcohol depending on what is happening socially.

Moments in Burque

Nice try UNM, but I know a lot of people would feel deeply that this slogan is reserved for another football oriented school. I happen to be one of them. Maybe try not appropriating another university’s grief?


Azrael hates my llama socks and tries to murder them every time I put them on. I hate our carpet and would like to murder it. We find out for sure today about whether the world’s ugliest tile is asbestos.


I must have accidentally taken this picture. When I saw it I really thought it was an industrial carpet, but I didn’t know where from. Then I realized it is my pants.


Poki Poki Cevicheria: A Restaurant Review

I’m usually very hesitant to try new restaurants when they open. Generally, when I do I’m  pretty disappointed and I form lasting opinions that may not be warranted once a place gets their game together. However, with temperatures soaring above 90 already at 11:30 am and the enticement of out door seating, cold food, and the treat of getting to have lunch with that guy I like, it seemed like a fabulous time to give Poki Poki Cevicheria a try.

It was a good meal. The food was super tasty, the variety was fairly astounding, and the staff was very friendly. As we were discussing sauce options I mentioned to Dave that I wasn’t sure what a particular sauce would be like and was immediately offered a sample. It was good, but not what I was in the mood for, so I went with a different sauce. I definitely recommend this place to anyone. I’ll also note that while there isn’t obviously a vegetarian option, like grilled tofu or something, vegetarians and even vegans can find plenty to eat here.

I’m worried for their success though. The spot they’re in a super high rent district and while the line wasn’t short, it also never got out the door while we were there. The options are also confusing. I worry about “build your own” concept restaurants that have a ton of options. Even with my clear headed plan to split all of my add-ons between Asia and South America I got a little overwhelmed and that guy basically followed my lead. I think people will catch on though and hopefully visit often to try the nearly endless variety.

This is about as long as the line got:


The super friendly staff displaying a bowl in progress:


Even though I didn’t avail myself of any they have some moderately hard to find candies on offer:


That guy and I were well entertained watching this guy paint an amazeballs octopus on the wall:


In Case You Thought It Was Always Sunny

Most of the time it is sunny here. It is sunny so often that we get pretty excited about rain and what y’all in the rest of the country might call “dreary weather.” We also get some pretty neat weather phenomena due to our altitude and climate. For instance when I went outside for my break-walk I encountered this beautiful sight:


I love when the mountain wears a “hat of clouds.” Hopefully the clouds will hold rain, so that we’ll see a lot less of this:


Fire weather is not my favorite and I think that one of the reasons I cheer on the rain so much is that I don’t want to see fires at all.

Winter is pretty interesting too. Even when its sunny it gets pretty cold, but sometimes we get awesome phenomena like this 22° Halo:


And it snows too, even though it melts the next day: